Healthy tips for healthy kids

Healthy kids are the sign of a healthy home environment and best parenting. Eating healthy and sleeping well is not the only way to stay healthy. It is really very important to know about so many other healthy habits which must be there in your child to live a healthy life. These habits must be developed in your child very soon or in the very early age so that they are building strong. Here is a list of few of these healthy habits. Take a look:

  1. Never skip breakfast: children who do not eat their breakfast daily are more likely to fell ill. They are easily subjected to a number of diseases and are often sick. Only a ten minutes daily habit can give your child a disease free and healthy life. To maintain a lasting energy level in your child’s body, start his day with a glass full of milk and healthy snacks.
  2. Switch to the healthy snacks: nibbling biscuits, chips or cookies is not as healthy as taking in fruits or nuts. Your snack stock must have fruits, popcorns, yoghurt and nuts. These natural snakes can boost the energy level of your children as well as can give them a healthy brain and body.
  3. Drink lots of water: on an average, your child must intake 8 glasses of water per day. Skip the fizzy drinks out of your routines and replace them with fresh mineral water. For a concentrated energy boost, give fresh juice to your children instead of sugared drinks you commonly buy from the market.
  4. Grow your own garden: grow most of the vegetables and fruits in your own garden. These are safer and healthier than those you buy from the market. No matter if you do not have a garden in your house, you can make a wall garden or a window box to grow carrots and broccoli.
  5. Eat with your family: I know, I most of the families, it is a trend to eat and drink in front of a TV. It is not a healthy practice. Switch off the TV on the time of eating and sit altogether with your family. All the members should be present on the table while eating or taking snacks. It not only improves eating habits, but also improves social skills too.
  6. Slow down eating: do not eat in a hurry. Eating slow is a great way to control weigh at any age. If you teach your children to eat slowly in a very early stage, they are never going to gain extra weight in their lives. Teach your children to chew the food properly so that they develop more healthy habits.
  7. Tell your children to learn NOT-TO-EAT: your child must know when NOT-TO-EAT. Tell him that the junk foods are not good for their health. Tell them that they need to listen to their tummy. When they are going to be full, stop eating. They must know when to eat and when to stop. Develop their full sense to make healthy eating decisions.

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